Things seem to be slowing down now work-wise. I have a lot to do with my sketchbooks so I have been taking photos of my work to put in and make notes on. I put a kiln on this afternoon too with my two coloured glass cylinders and decals on them to fire on. This is one of the processes I hope to have completed for the shades although the ultimate plan would be to also work into the surface by engraving / sandblasting etc. They should be ready to come out tomorrow late afternoon / early evening. I have made slight alterations since the last time I fired a decal image on. I cut the paper much closer to the edge of the image in case there is any marking or smudges left on as there were in the previous test. I also increased the temperature by 5 degrees in the hope that if any residue were left, it would be fired off with the increase.

I have also booked a kiln to bisque fire my slip cast light bulbs. If I cannot fit them in with anyone else tomorrow then they will go in on Friday. This is the last week of making before our deadlines next week and the Christmas break.

I managed to stay in uni all day, despite plans to leave at lunchtime and go home to continue with my sketchbooks. I got distracted as I often do, and worked in the glass cold pro room on the belt linishers. I was shaping the strips of hot glass sheet which were blown for me by Simon the technician last week that I had painted on glaze enamels onto with Coca-Cola print on them. While on the linisher, I shaped them into petals so that I can then fuse them together and drop them into sand cast pieces hopefully as part of the BAMS Medal Competition. They need a finished mock-up by the end of January 2011. I will drop one of the petals into a sand cast tomorrow to see how it turns out.