It’s now been 9 years since I completed my BA at Wolves Uni in 2021. I can’t quite believe it and so I’ve started thinking about how to celebrate a decade on from graduation. While creating the galleries for the new website, I was asked why my degree glass work was not shown. After pausing, I asked myself how it could have slipped my mind?! I immediately looked through my folders of files to choose which photos I would include and realised I didn’t have my degree work! I only had photos from the professional shoot the year before with the same photographer. As luck had it, my glass photographer; Simon Bruntnell, still had the digital originals of the Journeys collection and I was able to commission him to edit a small selection of them so I could get back to developing the gallery images… RELIEF! Crisis averted! Check out the very short blog entry from the photo shoot excitement here.

So I decided to reflect on my creative journey which began in glass during my college days. Take a look for yourselves…

Abstract Guitar, 2007

Above is the first glass piece I ever made at Bedford College during my Art Foundation. Photographed by Simon Bruntnell, it is based on the theme of music. I took inspiration from musical instruments in particular, as a hobby musician myself at the time, it was a theme I could relate to. I used to play the cello, piano and guitar; the main inspirational instrument I developed into the glass pieces you will see below too. I combined techniques including crushed glass fusing and slumping recycled sheet glass to join the piece.

Combined Abstract Guitar Panel, 2007

In the second piece, I took separate elements of crushed and cut fused glass, then displayed them together on a single panel. Using UV glue to join them to a flat panel, transforming it into a free-standing sculpture mounted into a wooden frame. This is the first piece of art I sold and it forced me into thinking about my worth. I am so proud of the purchase that gave me the confidence to think about my future as a creative.

Musical Window, 2007

The last glass piece I produced during this period was with a purely slumped glass technique. The inspiration came from a visit to a museum in New York, in a musical instrument gallery. There is musical notation and a brass instrument as well as an electric guitar and my other design to complement the set. I also framed these in a wooden window-style panel. I always loved woodworking at school previously so it was wonderful to come back to my original skill-base.

Come back soon to see how I got on during my first year BA at Wolverhampton University. Check out the new Glass Gallery here too.