Finally all my sketchbooks are now on the way! It took ages for me to start my Wednesday module sketchbook although I had been making samples and test pieces. I also finally used the images and information I had printed out ages ago for my Tuesday sketchbook and started reflecting on them. I have not only made flowers out of cans for Tuesday’s module, I also cut up, drew on and stuck in flower cut out shapes into an old University prospectus for the UCA (University for the Creative Arts) which I had a few years ago promoting the post-graduate courses. I like that you can look through the flower shaped hole in one page and see information or imagery on the next page as well as information or imagery form other pages stuck on top of the page. I re-used some of the cutouts in my sketchbook, in keeping with the theme of recycling within the module.

I have also changed my music idea for the BAMS Medal project as I have moved into the flowers area of study within the module and want to see where it takes me. I had a discussion with Stuart Garfoot about my plans for the medal competition and he was trying to help me with ideas of how to realise my ideas in techniques I can use in glass to combine the elements I like in the cans and pop art imagery with the flowers to use as inclusions in cast glass. I have decided to do some test pieces using high firing enamels onto sheet glass produced in the hot glass workshop to the cast back into the hot glass workshop as well as try enamelling onto sheet copper in the form of flowers and petals to use as inclusions within the hot glass workshop in casting.