Today I completed the student associates induction at the Walsall campus. There was a lot to get through and being talked at all day and giving full concentration is exhausting! We were given our log books and booklets for our school mentors too.

We were also given a talk by Steve Male about the courses the uni run to get into teaching. They do sound good; particularly the employment-based programme which is the Graduate Training Program. We’ll see how my placement goes. At the end we were given a letter which told us where our placement will be. Mine will be at a Catholic School in Wolverhampton. I’m so looking forward to it!

I got back to Wolverhampton on the inter-campus bus and when I got in, I got cracking on my sketchbook once again. I stuck in my painted drawings from the day before and more images of my work this time rather than research and finished a further 11 pages doubling the amount done! I’m back on track now and I feel proud of myself, particularly as I had a headache from 2pm today!