I finally started my sketchbook for the Wednesday module on Sunday! What a relief! I completed 10 pages in my A3 sketchbook with images, photographs of research etc and wrote comments about them. I was so pleased! My tutors will be too!

Yesterday I decided to dribble paint and draw with it watered down in a tube. It was fun. I also did this onto sheets of kitchen roll and was drawing abstract figures in dance poses. These were from photographs I had previously taken of my sister in her ballet clothes. I left them all to dry as the paint came out really thick in some places. I also did a plain sketch in pen on one of the pages.

Late afternoon / early evening, myself and Holly attended the first student course rep meeting. It was long but that’s because as students we gave feedback on the modules we are studying and the opinions of the rest of our year group and we had a lot to say! It was good but took a long time as most meetings do! I need a rest ready for my long day ahead in Walsall on Tuesday.