Wednesday 3rd November 2010

For our Wednesday module we had a midway assessment and today was the second of two presentation sessions. I was involved with this week’s group along with the second half of the group. I was the second to last person to deliver my presentation. As I didn’t really know what to say, still not knowing what I want to do with my ideas, I made it up on the spot. I realised how well I can explain myself and my thought process.

As I suspected, the lecturers marking my work admitted they had misinterpreted my design boards as I didn’t have a sketchbook to explain my ideas. I don’t usually sort my sketchbook out at the beginning of a module so I feel like I’m being punished for my own creative process. Something good that came out of the process though, was that they pointed out other things about the approach to my subject than I would have mentioned.

So I really need to get on with my sketchbook now! Back soon.