On Friday I started a painting using the stencil I have been working on and screen printing. While on Photoshop, I had zoomed in on a section and loved the section in view, so I decided that it deserved to be on a canvas. If I hadn’t run short on white paint, I would have finished it the same night, but I need to buy more paint first! The image below is what I am painting, although I am painting the leotard blue instead of black like the background. This will be for my Tuesday Integrating Practice and Materials module.

While painting, I had been drinking a can and thought it would be interesting to paint it, removing its identity to the brand of drink and responding to something I heard in our group session about wrapping objects and buildings. So far I have a black and a blue can. For each stage of the canvas and change of colour, I will paint another can in the same colour. It could look really good with lots of different colours.

I have also been working on some jars and bottles, applying silhouettes to them and either removing the resist from the silhouette or from the surrounding area so that I can sandblast the images differently to evaluate which is most effective before applying it to my final blown pieces for m,y Friday module Understanding Skills and Materials. Images shown below.