I spent all weekend working on images to make stencils from. I spent most of my time messing around on Photoshop. I have already been creating silhouettes from photos I have taken, but I wanted to try to make some stencils out of them with more detail. As I didn’t know how to do that, I was guessing and trying out things but went on YouTube and eventually found a set of 5 very helpful videos by the same guy.

I put my screen printed stencils in the biggest kiln to fuse the enamels to the glass on Friday. I finally created a real stencil out of card from a photo I took of a work colleague taking a photo. It is a really successful stencil too! I am very proud of it!

My decals were cover coated on Friday too and I had a session in the hot glass workshop with Simon the technician, making some cylinders. He made two clear glass cylinders, one with a dome top and the other with an opened top. The third piece was blue inside with white on the outside, open top.

Today, I went into uni today and emptied the kiln and weighed out my furnace glass pieces and they look great! I can’t wait to add the decals onto them and also attempt to sandblast some. I still have the acetates so I can create tranart to make the stencilling detailed and neat. Will create a card maquette of my fountain idea this week for my Friday module; Understanding Skills and Materials. I have already cut out the multiple silhouettes for it, I just need to compile them into a 3D model to demonstrate my vision.