Finally started one of my sketchbooks. Admittedly only the first page and it is only my silhouette and stencil images but we have to start somewhere!

I have been in the workshops all day. A few hours in the print workshop after getting sheets of glass cut, edged and with help from Andy, successfully learnt how to silk screen print. I printed onto six sheets of glass using five images. One of the sheets had two images on the same sheet ads they made up a complete stencil image. I used two different colours for this. I also printed images onto decal paper so that for another module I can use the same image but create something different with it.

I have come up with different idea to finally sort out what to do for each module, although I still havent thought about my contextual module…

I chat to a fellow student today; Kayleigh who is studying MA Glass, who also has an interest in silhouettes in her work. She showed me some of the pieces she had water jet cut as well as other cast pieces with coloured silhouette images inside the cast blocks.

I took out the sheets of glass I had engraved and enamelled onto from the kiln today, but the enamels didn’t turn out right. They didn’t look completely fired on, instead looked powdery still. I booked kiln 11 which is the largest flat-bed kiln and put the screen printed sheets in and the others back in with them. The kiln went on before I left at 5pm so I should be able to see what they look like tomorrow. I have also booked a different kiln; 13 I believe, for next Tuesday for a few days as I plan on creating some blown cylinders tomorrow with Simon the technician to put the decals onto for my Friday module; Understanding Skills and Materials.