Tuesday 28th September 2010

After our group task sharing objects brought in to feel while blindfolded, encouraging us to explain the textures etc. of different materials I decided to get started with the practical work. Unfortunately I ended up deciding the work was for a different module for the next day but still, I started getting work done. I was verbally mind-mapping with Matt Bate (who was in my year but now in third year), Sarah the technician and then David Green about how to interpret my silhouettes and stencils into glass pieces and a final piece.


  • Sandblast the image on after creating a stencil
  • Engrave the image onto the glass
  • Paint enamel onto the surface
  • Could separate the different colours of the stencil out and enamel them on separate sheets of glass with a view to either laminating them together or mounting them with a gap between the pieces
  • Produce the stencils and get them printed onto acetate to then get a silk screen ready to print enamels onto the glass
  • Following on from acetate and screen printing, could create decals to then add onto blown forms; cylinders, fire on then could reform to distort the image or cold work into it

Task for tomorrow:

  • Draw the stencil and silhouette images onto sheets of glass with chinagraph pencils to engrave into then with enamels, smooth over the grooves with the powder and on others paint sections and fire them
  • Get acetate printed with images to produce silk screens