Do you have any upcoming birthdays, particularly for kids or teens, but don’t know what to get them? How about some personalised wall art for their bedroom? Something they can keep and appreciate over time, unlike a new toy which can quickly be forgotten about, or clothes which will soon go out of season or out of fashion!

I have been creating personalised artwork using string art for a number of young people now. By using the first letter of their name or using their full name (short names are of course best). I have even created a half prepared kit for a teenager and delivered a workshop to build skills in creating a string art piece for herself with the nails already in place. The name you will see below… Aurora, is written in her own handwriting which was adapted slightly to achieve the thickness needed to fill it with thread.

Below you will find the pieces I have already created, but if you would like to commission a piece or a kit to give as a gift for someone special, please contact me via private message on Instagram to discuss your ideas. Comment below and let me know your favourites.