In the last 2 years, I have started working with an embroidery hoop to produce personalised gifts for friends and family members.

In March 2017, I gave a friend a birthday present for her 40th birthday with a celebratory message that would not age over time, unlike a 40th birthday card which would not remain on show. I used free-motion embroidery to write the quote as this is a method I particularly enjoy and feel works well. The message read: “the best is yet to come” but no one knew at the time that her future would also include having her 3rd child!

In September 2018, it was the 10th year anniversary of my Nan’s passing and I decided to produce a memorial to her for my Dad (her son) with a quote that reminded him of her and song lyrics from a special song they both enjoyed. I used a fabric with a sewing themed print which represented the help she gave my Dad with altering his trousers when she was alive and there was also a woman on the fabric which reminded me a bit of her too, carefully positioned to be seen next to the text. I included a personal message on the reverse to represent the occasion in a private manner. Again, I used free-motion embroidery to write the message and quotes.

This year in September 2019, I attended the christening of the previously mentioned friend’s 3rd child. I decided to try hand embroidery for the first time and followed a printed pattern this time, while also making my own adaptations and adding my own details. Again, I added a personal message to the back as this would also be a keepsake for the family as she grows up. I was particularly please with this as it was the first experiment into hand-stitching techniques and I was surprised just how long it took me to complete.

If you have a special occasion coming up and would like to commission a personalised gift, please feel free to contact me on my Facebook Page.