I am a bit of a tote bag lover and at any opportunity to get hold of one, my collection increases. Since I have been visiting the Rag Market in Birmingham and other fabric shops, I have been more excited by other prints and decided it was time to make my own tote bag from a gorgeous fabric print I bought but couldn’t see myself wearing as a garment… a bird print…

14.10.08 Birdy Tote 1

As the print is so bold, I decided to go with a plain calico for the straps and to finish off the top details. I wanted it to be secure and feel more sturdy than previously purchased tote bags and as the fabric I was using was quite a thick cotton, this was going to be a quality item. A simple running stitch in a contrasting fabric was chosen and the calico was secured neatly to the main body of the bag.

14.10.08 Birdy Tote 2

I decided to test out some of the features of my sewing machine with the various decorative stitches and chose one to add a detail to the top edge of the bag to finish it off. I am very please with the bag and have been using it and receiving compliments too which is lovely.

14.10.08 Birdy Tote 3

If you would like to commission a tote bag or another item, please get in touch by contacting me through my Facebook page Kelly Louise Creations.