I bet you’re wondering what is going on with the drawing project as there has seemingly been no activity for a whole and I am a few months behind. Yes I am feeling guilty about the delay but the truth is, I have continued the visits and trips in the correct months but I haven’t felt motivated to complete the drawings.

That said, the project is still important to me and I have been getting back onto finishing the December drawing (yes I really am that far behind now!) and hope to upload it tonight.

To keep you interested, the December town is Worsley in the north and not too far from the Trafford Centre. In January I visited the Hell Fire Caves in Wycombe and in early February I was in Leicester. I am yet to plan a trip for March so I will only have two drawings to catch up on after Worsley is complete.

Anyway, I must get back to it! Hopefully you will see the finished image this evening. Speak soon!