Well, on Wednesday 27th November, I attended an interview; on Thursday I was offered the job and by Friday I had organised a start date of 4th December, a temporary place to live and a viewing of a potential new home!

Due to the sudden madness of activity, although a trip had been completed for my November edition of the drawing project; I don’t expect the drawing to be completed before December but it will be intriguing when it’s done (I hope!).

I am at a very exciting point of my life right now but want to assure everyone that I will continue with the drawing project I am now halfway through. It has been an excellent activity and as a result; I have visited a number of new sites and towns which has been thoroughly enjoyable. I would recommend it to anyone, particularly if you are seeking inspiration!

Please check back soon to see the continuation of the drawing project and follow this blog by subscribing so you don’t miss a beat!