Well, now that the Oh My Glass Exhibition is up and running after the first open weekend, I though it was time to upload the photos of the process which I’m sure you are dying to see! It is the first piece I have created at home in my own ‘still under construction’ studio.

I created the piece with the previous Journeys collection in mind and wanted to see a direct link between them. With this in mind, I began by designing the new work. I finally decided on a link between positive and negative as this was a key element in the work using feet and the negative foot void in the shoe.

So to start with, I took a previous piece to use as a former and created a clay model. I then mixed up a refractory mix to create a mould for casting into. Once the mould was dried out, I then put it in the kiln, added the cold glass, shut the kiln, set the cycle and hoped for the best, praying to the glass gods! Haha. Once it was fired, I finished the edges off and sent it to Wessex Crystal Glass in Brierly Hill for acid dip polishing and onto the Red House Glass Cone in Wordsley for the exhibition which opened on Saturday 7th September.

The exhibition contains work by recent graduates working in glass showing their degree work and new work since leaving University and adapting their practice to continue making. As yet I haven’t even seen my finished piece but am looking forward to seeing the exhibition for myself. Here is a poster for the exhibition and a photograph of the location, so make sure you get over there and pay a visit!