Firstly, apologies for the lengthy absence from the blog; it has been hectic! I was finishing my teaching at college during May, then had to move out, collect my teaching portfolio from University and finished the PGCE course (which I passed :D), collected my work from the gallery in Bampton after the end of Artweeks, stayed with a friend for a week, moved back home, went to New York, returned after a week, continued to unpack then started a new job! I hope I’m forgiven…

So, I finally managed to fit in a spare couple of hours to produce my June drawing for the drawing a month project just in time for the end of the month (with a couple of hours to spare!). Obviously it was going to be a drawing from my time in New York and as the Freedom Tower wasn’t built on my last trip to Manhattan and I had not been on a boat cruise around the island, I let myself use this as the focus for the drawing. The trip was fantastic too… I even went in a helicopter which was brilliant in case you have ever thought of doing it! Here is my drawing anyway, I hope you like it!

Freedom Tower, Manhatten, June 2013

Freedom Tower, Manhattan, June 2013