I enjoyed a day of indulging in Art and Craft today at Bilston Craft Gallery for their Craft Taster Day in connection with the Made in the Middle collection currently exhibited. A few exhibitors were talking about their work, giving demonstrations and allowing members of the public to even have a go in some cases. I spoke to Karina Thompson about her practice and use of digital machine embroidery techniques to produce final outcomes. We also spoke about her inspiration and story behind the exhibited piece called 60 Beats a Minute based on medical images of the heart from an echocardiogram.

She also talked to me about her upcoming work in development and the inspiration behind it, which linked to the concept behind my dancing feet glass casts from a dance I performed onto clay and cast from. She will be writing a blog on the progress of the commission which I will be able to refer to as part of my Inspiration research project.

Also during the taster day, I was able to personalise a brooch design by Clare Willard with her laser cut technique and was very pleased with my outcome (as was Clare!). A few photos of the stages and workshop table along with my final brooch 🙂

I also took a photograph of her exhibited work and artist statement provided in the show to demonstrate her laser cutting technique on a different scale and with a very different purpose to show the possibilities.

Clare Willard Work Clare Willard Statement

I also started and completed another practice drawing, this time from a primary source photo I took on Tuesday before my Stitched Textiles and Mixed Media course at Stafford College. It shows the Collegiate Church of St. Mary and St Marys Place.

St Marys Place, Stafford