I have decided that as a result of a lack of creativity, travelling, trips, photography and drawing, I will set myself a new personal target to visit a different town or city for each month I am 25 and produce a representative drawing of it or an area of it.

This will be a memorable milestone and will commence in May giving me time to plan the locations in good time. This is an achievable goal and will keep me focused. I already have two holidays booked and four trips in the pipeline. I will aim to produce at least one drawing of a place I visit regardless of whether I have completed my months drawing or not to ensure i am left with a range of quality results to choose from.

I have once before set myself a target which was too ambitious which was to complete a drawing page a day for a year and I barely completed a full week as I wasn’t inspired everyday! I am confident, however, that it is achievable this time and I am excited about the thought!