While procrastinating over my Uni assignment of 2000 words and in-between going in and out of my building to the laundry facilities *sigh* I decided to flick through a book I have for inspiration. It is called Free & Easy Stitch Style and is full of great little inspired projects to do in stitch, but as I currently am still without a sewing machine (first thing on my list to buy when I FINALLY finish being a poor student and get a full-time job), I thought that instead of the butterfly starting point in stitch, I would look for photos of butterflies and draw my own. I haven’t done any drawing for a while… not exactly my favourite thing to do really, but wanted to get my creative juices flowing again before they dry up with all the education reading and writing I am doing!

Free and Easy Stitch Style Book Cover

Thanks to Google images, I found a number of beautiful photos of butterflies as we all know how difficult it is to find any, let alone photograph them while still and in daylight! Having left most of my art materials back at home (not needing them this year), all I managed to find were fine liner pens bought from the College I am based at (which are great!) and watercolour pencils. Thankfully in my small toolbox I did find a nice cheap small paintbrush too. Anyway… I don’t know what kind of butterfly it is but if I get into this drawing malarkey properly and feel confident enough, I will start searching for specific breeds and work on some final pieces which I will then work up in textiles; fabrics, stitch, print, appliqué, etc.

Butterfly and Work StationButterfly DrawingWell that was fun and I’m quite please with that actually, although I did use a crap of paper as I was too scared to use my new sketchbook! It will go in there anyway and make it a scrapbook start!