I have been updating my portfolio gallery pages and making my images more important within my website. The thumbnails are bigger and I also have a large photo slide show on my homepage now to emphasise how important the work is.

Other changes I have made include enlarging the background image so it is now wider and longer to hold more information without looking squashed. I have changed the sizes of the font on the sub-menu page titles navigation to ensure tha main page headings stand out more. I have added more photos to my gallery and updated the titles and descriptions of photos within them.

I have now had 54 visits to my site since I registered my domain name on 11th March 2012 which I am really pleased about considering I have not yet produced my final business cards or exhibited and handed them out. Of those 54 visits, there have been 38 from unique visitors and 194 pageviews across 5 different countries including UK, United Arab Emirates, United States, Israel and France (thanks Google Analytics!). The exposure has been purely via social networking on Facebook, WordPress or via email to promote my site and gain feedback on it when outside of University.

I am very pleased with my progress so far and although I am happy with it as it stands after adding more images, I’m sure I will constantly alter it to keep it looking fresh and new.