Today I met Jon Williams during the afternoon when three representatives from the Wedgwood Museum cam round to listen to a short presentation from a number of students for a global product project brief. Jon had also exhibited at our Royal Reflections Silent Auction at the Wedgwood Museum in November 2011 where he had donated a piece of his work to support our event. For his presentation to Wedgwood today, he had brought some sketchbooks with him along with large photo prints of his work. As a group before and after his presentation to our visitors, he was very open and responsive to our questions of his career and artistic practice. He is a teacher at Leicester College in Ceramics and will be starting his MA in Ceramics at The Royal College of Art in London in October this year. He is more than happy to answer any questions I may have for him with reference to my case study. I have also had a look at his website and Facebook Page and I like the layout and photos. He was such a friendly guy and easy to talk to, but it also helps that I like his work, especially his sketchbook style. It is very creative and full of energy, colour and life! He also took the time to look through a sketchbook I had at my desk and gave me some reassuring feedback about my own style and the way he encourages his students to work with sketchbooks which was helpful as well. I will certainly be writing to him for an interview.