I have finally begun designing my website on paper and taking photos and manipulating them in photoshop for background images. I am going with a sketchbook approach as this is an element of my practice that is consistent throughout all materials. I am only in the very early stages as yet but I am feeling positive about my starting point.

I have been looking at currently existing websites to gain an insight into how pages may be laid out and I like the current hobbycraft website design. The background image is interesting and matches the style of the new logo. I also like the tabs at the top which look almost like page markers.

I have looked at other artists websites to see the sort of information they feel is important to share with the world to help me decide what to include in my own and where the information would be best placed if grouped together.

I want a handmade look and feel to my website and a scrapbook style would fit nicely with this along with the sketchbook image I intend to use. I have begun listing the content I am considering including so I can decide how many pages I would like to start with and where to include them in the navigation.

My previous website is more of a hobby style and was produced a while ago to help my promotion for when I was selling my jewellery and paintings at craft stalls. I also had business cards produced so the web address was included on those too. I want both my new website and business cards to have a more professional feel as well as look to them.