I didn’t feel very confident about what I was going to say in my tutorial today as I didn’t feel I had planned anything particularly well as it wasn’t written down. However, I had listened to what others had said about their own ideas and plans for the module and once it was my turn, I had an idea of what to say and what questions the tutors would ask. I am usually very good at explaining my ideas when I know what I want to do and say on the matter. Today was a great example of this and I was on a roll! Melanie Brown gave me some very positive feedback, explaining that she was confident I knew what I was going to do and what I was not going to do and had thought it all through very well. She is looking forward to seeing how I progress the body of work.

After I had said my bit, I thought I had better write it down in no particular order (what I could remember of it), so here it is typed up where I can’t lose it:

  • Themes: Journeys, memories, shoes / feet, children’s literature
  • Form: Glass panels (could be a set of 3 or a series or one off’s / commissions / personal to me etc. wall mounted. Not ceramic or metal although may have elements of wire drawings inclusions and metal / chrome wall mount stand-offs. Will be overall reasonably flat to hag on a wall although will be 3D and layers and formed on the front surface to add depth to the work
  • Scale: medium to large-scale pieces to be wall mounted but could also be smaller scale tiles inside box frames wall mounted or displayed on stands as decorative plates often are for a cheaper more widely accessible market for sales
  • Context / Narrative: Memories, nursery rhymes, song lyrics, limericks, poetry, short stories, children’s stories / fables
  • Processes: as many as possible that work together including fusing, slumping, enamelling, sandblasting, inclusions, screen printing, probably not engraving, could involve an element of textiles to add a contrast in the texture and bring an element of the shoes in such as the shoe laces or stitching on fabric shoes etc.
  • Target Audience / Market: Commercial, commissions, personal responses, galleries, inside homes, Christening gifts / Wedding Gifts etc. public art commissions for larger scale pieces inside large buildings such as conference centres, schools or hospitals