I have spent hours and hours reading today in preparation for my dissertation writing. I am looking at material processing and its effects on the maker. I started by thinking about writing how the process is sometimes more important than the idea but I don’t think that is the right thing to write or it is from the wrong angle. I now think that I should be aiming more towards how the materials and the process of materials has an impact on the maker and therefore the work and in relation to the viewer and their responses. I’m not sure if anyone reading this post will make sense of what I just said but I understand it!

I have already been collecting reference quotes from a few online articles, the book I started reading yesterday and the latest issue of Crafts Magazine which has a great article on the 35th anniversary of Peter Layton’s London Glass blowing Studio. I have taken a number of quotes from it as they are helping to support my argument/discussion.

I have never been one for enjoying reading so it has really taken a lot out of me! I also need to do some more reading but this time for how to improve my PGCE application personal statement and finding out about the rest of the application form!