I have been feeling guilty for not updating my blog for so long but I have been so busy that I haven’t found the time;

  • Uni deadlines
  • Moving out of halls back home
  • Visiting my old year group at New Designer’s at the Design Business Centre in Islington
  • Working two jobs back home…
  • Working on a painting for pleasure / commission

I have uploaded more photos to my Artist Facebook page including college works I have made. I entered a competition to get exhibited in a gallery in York but did not get in this time. I had entered a college glass piece and a painting I did at school as the work that I could have entered from uni are pieces I’m not ready to let go of yet. I want to produce work in the future that I don’t mind selling aside from my jewellery.

On the plus side, the work I entered for the competition, I had left out on the side in the spare room where I took photos of it for the application. One of my dad’s friends came to stay about a week later and made me an offer for it. It had been in a box in the loft for about 4 years previously!!! When I sell it to him I will finally be a professional! 😀

I also decided to arrange a photoshoot with Simon Bruntnell which will be at the end of July at his studio in the Ruskin Glass Centre in Stourbridge. I am going to take as many of the pieces I like and am not able to properly photograph myself. I am really excited about it!