I have enlarged a section of map showing Wolverhampton City Centre for the plan of my game and printed it out at the scale required for my board. I had cut out the pieces last night (until really late!) and placed them around the printout where I had planned the positions last night on my hand drawn estimated map. It looked great and although it differed slightly from my plan, I knew where it would be different when I idealised it on the plan. I managed to fit about the same number of spaces on it though which is good.

I had a tutorial with both David Jones and Dave Green while doing so and David mentioned a building in Berlin which was designed around a map of the city but used in a much more serious sense than my game. It is always interesting to hear how others have used a similar methodology, particularly when it is applied in an entirely different way and for different reasons. I have become very excited by this module particularly in the last couple of weeks.

After the power was switched off at 5 o’clock, I laid out my games on the group table to take photographs of them for my sketchbook to document them. I then had a play with the Hoopla game (empty Coca-Cola bottles with different lids on and glow stick bracelets as the hoops) and other students gathered around to watch and then joined in and were just as excited as I was when they managed to get the hoop around a bottle! One Indian first year student said she had never played the games I was making or describing to her before. She said that they played more outdoor physical games such as cricket, and so I explained my games to her in a way you would teach a child for the first time to make it as simple as possible. We also played tic-tac-toe and she was familiar with this game, and said although the game is usually boring, it was made more fun as it was 3D using the different coloured bottle tops as the pieces. We both really enjoyed playing the games, and I documented the games in play as well. Some students cannot believe my module is based around games because it sounds so much fun and I am really enjoying myself!!

For my Globalisation game I am hoping to edit the map slightly and then get it printed onto sticky-back plastic and then stick it onto the thermoforming clear plastic I had previously bought but not used as intended. I had asked Tom to cut it to size for me today as it was too big. I have had it cut in half too so that when I add the map to the top layer, it will act as a hinge so that I can collapse the board in half as you would with Monopoly.