Finally I have come up with an idea for my final pieces for my Wednesday module! I am going to do a series of 3 glass panels relating to the street culture. I have gone back to silhouettes as I really like the graphic quality of the images and it is the poses and the form of the body in action positions that I really like. I am going to sandblast the images onto the glass and have organised the images into an order which appears to flow and follow the movements of the action being depicted. I worked on them for hours last night!

The first is going to be a series of skateboarding silhouettes:

The second will be showing a basketball game:

The third one will be street dance which I now need to create artwork for. I have done a series of sketches of street dance from my collection of dance DVD’s, and if I have time, I will try to put together a panel of the sketches as I really love them and they show a lot of attitude which the silhouettes do not show.