I have finally had a burst of enthusiasm for my Design Discourse module! I was really enjoying it by the end of last semester but this semester I was distracted with my Student Associate Scheme placement at secondary school with teaching.

This weekend however after having filled bottle tops with resin previously and turning them into brooches, as well as drilling into the float glass Coca-Cola petals to produce necklace pendants, I had a tutorial. After the discussion, I concluded that I wanted to explore games as a direction to take the upcycling into.

A draughts board (aka checkers board) was my first thought after being inspired by one I had seen in Oxford at the Pitt Rivers Museum. I have also been collecting Coca-Cola bottles and added different bottle tops onto them and suggested they could then be used for a hoopla game using old glow stick bracelets as the hoops.

So this weekend I finally got stuck into making a games board. I made a checkers board and as I am using bottle tops I named it ‘The Chequers’ as a public house reference play on words.

On the reverse side of the board, I made my own version of the game Frustration but based it around sustainability using the terms; reduce, reuse, recycle, upcycle. Resin filled bottle tops will also be the counters in this game as well as for the tic-tac-toe games I also included on the same side.

I am very pleased with how this has turned out. I believe it is very innovative and interesting to look at! It is a piece of art in itself! I can’t wait to show everyone at uni! Feeling better about work rate now!