I went to the Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton with my sister to watch the Russian State Ballet of Siberia perform The Nutcracker. I am basing one of my module projects on this show for designs of giftware and products for the Grand Theatre possible future gift shop. I was surprised that it wasn’t longer. I expected it to be really long like the opera, but it was about the length of a standard length film.

I loved the atmosphere and the live music throughout the production. Something I learned was that before the curtains open, the orchestra play with nothing else going on. It was relaxing to listen with no other distractions. The costumes were great too! My favourite was the mouse costume…they looked incredible! Bexa’s favourite was the Spanish dancer who was wearing a black and red dress with frills and lace all over it.

Bexa has been to one other ballet but this was my first. She said it was better than the previous show she went to see in London. It was a performance of Romeo and Juliet but she said it was more of a drama and was really difficult to follow. After watching The Nutcracker and watching a performance with no talking I can TOTALLY understand how she couldn’t follow the story! It is hard enough to follow Shakespeare WITH words!

I would love to go and see another production in the future. I really enjoyed myself but hopefully in the future I will get better seats! We had a support pole in front of us blocking a small part of the stage!