I went online and bought a ballet DVD the other day and it arrived today. I will use this as a source for drawing from as visual research for my modules. I began watching the first half this evening and completed 11 pages of my A3 sketchbook (front and back) of sketches of the different dances shown. I continually paused the DVD to draw the poses of dance. The DVD shows sections of dance from various shows of famous ballet productions by The Royal Ballet group, showing various famous dancers and choreographers, and I really enjoyed it. This is the first time I have really watched any ballet, other than my sister in local small-scale ballet shows for young dance groups. I am looking forward to seeing The Nutcracker performed by a Russian ballet group at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre on 20th March with my sister. This is one of the reasons for selecting to focus one of my modules on ballet in particular in response to Specialist Practice as an outward facing brief.