Today I visited the Birmingham Botanical Gardens for the first time. There is an exhibition opportunity and the brief is one of the options for my second semester Friday module. The theme is ‘Natural Fantasy’, and after my visit I have confirmed my thoughts that it is not a module I can easily relate my work to. It is a nice place to walk around though.

I have been thinking about a competition brief for the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre instead recently after a lot of stressing about the deadlines for other competitions. It is to design Giftware and Products for the Theatre Shop. I have tickets booked already to go to watch a ballet performance of The Nutcracker at the same venue, and as my work recently has been based on the theme of dance and silhouettes, I thought this would be very appropriate to this brief.

I have a trip booked to visit the Grand Theatre on Monday 14th February to have a look around the theatre and backstage. I am hoping to look at some old posters of previous performances of dance productions while I am there as well.