I had a tutorial with Stuart Garfoot about my idea for the BAMS medal competition and how I am progressing with it. I wanted to clarify what needs to be submitted and by when. He also made comments about my tests and made suggestions to improve it after discussing what my aim is and why I have chosen elements within the idea to clarify the direction of the work. He was interested in the ideas I have about recycling and Pop Art and said that it should be much more obvious and pointed out that both the top, bottom and sides of the piece needed details. I will need to kiln cast my piece in order to do this effectively and so he visually explained with sketches the process to achieve this. After a while it finally clicked! It will take a while and a fair amount of money to buy the materials to use but should look great.

The idea is that instead of continuing to use a glass bottle to impress as the form of the cast which isn’t entirely evident when looking at it as the detail is so fine it is barely recognisable, I use the bottom of a plastic bottle. I have since looked around Asda at lemonade and coke bottles etc. to see the similarities and differences. I also had an old Robinson’s squash bottle which has a different base again. I now have about four which I can try out to see which works the best. For the opposite surface I will use the top of drinks can with the ring pull etc. as drinks cans have informed the entire module so far and these are widely recycled and recognisable globally.