The sand cast test I completed turned out well! In our module today I showed the group my work and Pat Dillan walked though and commented on my can flowers and was asking for students to produce decorations for the Christmas tree. She said they would look great and also that the theme is white.

Thankfully I visited a friend back home at the weekend who happened to have a lot of Stella Artois cans lying around which I took away with me to continue recycling and giving me white cans.

This evening I made lots more can flowers but also some starry shaped white ones for the Christmas tree decorating tomorrow. They will look great!

At uni I also put a kiln on with the sheet hot shop glass with Coca-Cola enamelled onto the surface. I also had two petal shapes out of float glass with sections of the well known drinks logo on them. I took the kiln to a lower temperature this time though as I used the red enamel which previously fired out more than the other two colours I tested.