I was at uni on the flat-bed grinder beginning the polishing process to flatten the top and bottom of my coloured glass cylinders. On the third cylinder (my favourite!), the orange one, I was on the second side and the flat-bed caught the piece and dragged it out of my hands and smashed it!

I turned the machine off and the technicians came in to see what had happened and check I was OK. Fortunately it didn’t cut me. They took all the pieces away and put them on the table next to me. I then continued with my other pieces and moved on to the next grit on the second flat-bed. I finished the two cylinders; blue and white, then washed the grit off the pieces and took them up to the studio to put them on my desk. I went back to bring the broken piece up to my desk and when I picked it up, I sliced my finger open on one of the edges. How typical! Luckily Dave Green was walking through as I was pinching my finger to stop the bleeding while looking for a first aider. He got an antiseptic wipe for me and we found Pip and Sarah who sorted me out with a bandage and Sarah gave me two Polos to increase my blood sugar level.

Not a good day really! I should have just gone home at lunchtime!