On Friday I finished cutting out all my brass silhouettes finally! They look great. I now need to file the edges and there are six of them!! Still it will be totally worth it when they’re done. They look great already. Next week I will start putting together the base using the silhouettes for the glass lamp shades I am working on. I decided that I could make a few different shades all using the same plaster blow mould to ensure they are all the same size diameter. They could be different colours and have different images on them or use different processes.

In the evening was one of the fundraising events run by the ceramics 3rd year students. It was a raku night where the pots had already been made and bisque fired and then everyone who bought a ticket chose their pot (I chose a red clay bowl) and glazed it however they wanted. There were a few different glazes to use and I used three of them on my piece. I also helped with the firing by putting the sawdust in the bins on top of the hot pots straight out of the kilns. Afterwards all my clothes and hair stank of smoke! Totally worth it though! It is the most fun creative process I can think of and the results are so interesting and unpredictable!