We had a group crit session around the tables in the studio space. People mostly talked about their experiences, memories, thoughts and reflections of the day spent in Oxford at the Ashmolean Museum and the Pitt Rivers Museum. I however only really responded to one cabinet in the Pitt Rivers which contained recycled materials made into various objects. I took a photograph of this one particular item which was an empty coca cola bottle with two flowers in it made out of bits of tin cans. As a personal response to this I made my own flowers from cans which looked nothing like it really but used the same idea. I have already run through what I made but I do need to put it all into my sketchbook now. I also came up with an idea for Robyn after looking at her beautiful sketched of mushrooms, leeks and a tomato. I suggested that as she was interested in the progression and possibly drawing the different stages of its life, decomposing and rotting away, she could also show a process in her sketchbook by taking a photo, drawing from that, creating a collage from the drawing and a crude object from the collage. This means it would be slightly abstracted each time and so could evolve also. I actually may try that idea out for myself as it seems interesting enough and could keep my attention.