I expressed an interest in the role of course rep for Design and Applied Arts as a joint position with Holly Inglis. I received an email from the Student Union inviting me to a two-hour compulsory training session and there are two sessions available, both next week. As one of them is Tuesday 9th November 10am – 12pm and I am in the Student Associates Induction day in Walsall all day, it meant that I had to go for the Monday 8th November evening session which is much more convenient anyway.

I am very busy with things this year in comparison with my first year. There is so much going on to keep me occupied that I could never find the time to get bored! I keep finding myself looking at the clock and realising that it is two or even three o’clock in the morning with a 9am module in the morning (a situation I am currently in as it has just gone 2am!).

I just had to update my blog as I haven’t done for a few days and I have things to say that I don’t want to forget! I am really responding to this reflective journal; more so than a sketchbook (although at school the teachers would refer to our sketchbooks as journals during A-Levels). I feel confident that I am progressing well with this module and have heard nothing to the contrary.