In the contextual studies module today we had a small group session with a PowerPoint presentation on teapots, and with no interest what-so-ever in tea or any hot drink for that matter, the subject was not particularly appealing to me from the start.

We continued the session by individually talking out the ideas we had come up with relating to our own personal interest and where we might take our research for the written report task. Surprisingly after about 20 minutes of the module commencing, I suddenly came up with a report question as my title: “Why do some artists express themselves through illegal street graffiti?”. This ensures that my practical work and research work relate to one another to hopefully inform one another. I didn’t want a question like, “Can street art ever be considered to be art?” as that is the type of question which anybody could argue until the end of the world with no conclusion. “Why?” is a more insightful question and will give more personal responses in terms of talking about particularly graffiti artists and their own reasons for their approach.

I have already taken some street art related books out of the library and had a brief flick through them. Now that I have a better idea of the direction of my research I think I will find it easier to select relevant information for the purposes of my report.