Went to Oxford today with my year group. We visited the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology and then moved on to the Pitt Rivers Collection which we accessed through the Natural History Museum.

I preferred the Pitt Rivers Collection, although it was so packed that it was hard to focus on any particular artefact. It was laid out as if someone with ADHD had scribbled down ideas and collected loads of bits which someone then painstakingly arranged it all. It must have taken years! I wouldn’t have the patience to have put it together!

There was one tiny cabinet which I had a keen interest in. It was recycled materials used to make objects. One in particular I liked was a flower made out of old tin cans and sat up inside a coca-cola bottle. It was great because it wasn’t hiding the fact it was made from recycled materials; it embraces it. You could see where the writing from the cans was on the petals and it made it more interesting to look at than if they were totally plain.