I noticed an advert on the Uni Workplace email sent out a short while ago and I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to gain experience in the field of Art and Design as a career. The scheme is basically paid work experience as a teacher in secondary schools.

I applied and was offered an interview on Monday 11th October in Walsall which I attended. It was a group interview with around seven other current students where the scheme was explained to us and we were asked one by one, to explain why we wanted to take part in the scheme. I was confident in explaining why I wanted to be included, talking about previous experiences with young people as a youth worker and the residential trips I went on in my job where we ran an educational course and assisted teaching in a more informal way to schools. I had a good response from the interview panel of two.

Today I have checked my emails and I have been offered a place on the induction for a place on the scheme! It is on Tuesday 9th November in Walsall. I am so excited! I will need to complete a CRB check, which I have had done many times for previous jobs which is no bother and when I receive it, read through the induction booklet. This would be an amazing opportunity to experience a possible career and boost my CV.