Based on the work and imagery I am currently working on in relation to silhouettes and stencils of dance poses, I think that music would be a great theme to run with for the medals. Music has always been inspirational to me and during my time at college, I focussed my work on the imagery of musical notes and instruments. Past research into old instruments I have seen at museums in New York and photographed may also come in handy.

I used to be a musician, but have not played my instruments since I started uni as I stopped having lessons and filled up my time with other things. I played cello up to grade 5 and piano up to grade 3. Before that I played acoustic guitar mainly at Henlow Middle School in a club where we played on stage at school performances. I am also interested in dance having done some myself with Line, Street, Samba and a few sessions of Salsa dancing and as a Majorette and trainer for the troupe, we would move to music.

I have started looking at various medals on internet sites, specifically related to music to get some ideas of what has been done before, and see what I can hopefully improve upon. I hope to add depth to the work and make it enjoyable even for the partially sighted or blind audience. During the module it has been once again brought to my attention that people enjoy things in many different ways and the feel of an object for many people adds a great deal to their experience with the world and objects in it.