The British Artists Medal Society (BAMS) Competition 2010-11 has been introduced to me today. I also decided that for this Tuesday module I want to focus on jewellery and recycled materials from the inspiration I gained at the Origins Craft Fair last week. I can incorporate this competition into my module and it can be one of the ways I interpret my ideas and enter the competition with my idea at the same time.

Although it is a medal competition, they do not necessarily want a tradition medal design.
ie: It does not need to be a small, flat, round piece that pins on to clothing or hangs from a ribbon around your neck. They want something which has detail on each side and the edges where appropriate, that fits in your hand. It should be more sculptural than a traditional  medal. I think this could be incorporated well within the jewellery journey I intend to begin in this module.

Reflecting on Thoughts

I was walking into town with some fellow students and while in a shop I was chatting to Kim about malteasers and we were describing ways to eat them. Part way through our conversation Matt and Kayleigh walked over and had no idea what we were talking about. It made me think about the way in which we experience things and talk about them to one another.

The group discussion we had last week when, in groups of two, we shared items we had brought in by handing an object we brought in to the other person while they were blindfolded and wrote down what they described. I think a more interesting task to carry out in my own time would be to:

  1. Get a group of people together
  2. Each person in turn would imagine something, an item, small or large, they could even bring it with them and keep it hidden
  3. Describe it to everyone else and see how much information they need to give so that others can guess what they are talking about

Starting point for sketchbook and starting the module though, after our group discussion today and looking at what other people have brought in to show in sketchbooks and materials and photos, I am going to follow suit slightly. They have written up about the group activity last week and then used the objects they brought and made their own version of it in whatever materials they had lying around. I aim to either take an object or use a photo of something I found on the internet while researching, and then turn it into a 3D representation and see how I feel after that as to where to go next…