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by Kelly Louise

Treat yourself or someone special

I am passionate about personalisation, and when it comes to giving gifts, I believe that bespoke is best.

Show someone how much you care and love them by commissioning a one-of-a-kind item from one of the many techniques you will find in my galleries. You can provide a photograph of them to be transformed into a free-motion embroidery piece, tell me what activities, places or foods they like for an appliqué creation or simply explain their colour preferences for jewellery or string art items.

Browse the galleries for inspiration and contact me to discuss your individual request.
Remember, it’s also OK to treat yourself every so often too!

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New Website Launched

New Website Launched

Back in 2013, I created the brand Kelly Louise Creations with a new logo. I had been focusing on my creativity and...

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Batik Shoulder Bag

Batik Shoulder Bag

A few years have past since I last wrote anything on this blog which was a new project at the time. I have just come...

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Nail and String Art

Nail and String Art

My wonderful friend Becca whom I met whilst working in Aylesbury, has been a creative inspiration and motivation for...

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Always Making!

Using a wide range of techniques, I remain inspired by materials and processes.
Check out my galleries by technique below…


Pieces made during my formal art education and other glass jewellery. Work also exhibited in the UK.

Glass and Ceramics

Two materials that I rarely use now but form a very important part of my history and have also been exhibited across the UK.
They are now available as jewellery items. Please see jewellery gallery.


Various processes and outcomes including vessels, sculpture and jewellery items.


Focused on mainly expressive blind drawing techniques for portraiture and architectural line drawings

String Art

Designs including text, brought to life 3-Dimensionally on a wooden
background with nails and thread

Machine Embroidery

Transforming drawings and text into 3-Dimentional works of art using the free-motion embroidery technique


From paper and card, to fabrics, using a range of processes including lino, block and screen printing


Accessories including necklaces, bracelets and earrings with a variety of techniques and materials


A range of items including bags and wall art, using different techniques with fabrics including appliqué






Getting to know Kelly Louise

Crafter, Artist, Designer Maker

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Introducing Kelly Louise

As with many of us, we have different sides and characteristics that may not be seen at any given moment. Find out more about the creator and her many ‘hats’ including University graduate, amateur dressmaker, creative teacher and travel enthusiast. To discover more, click below…


Modena, Italy

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