After creating the brand Kelly Louise Creations and a new logo back in 2013, I had been focusing on my creativity and skills development in a different direction than my degree. As I had studied and worked with glass and ceramics mostly, this had presented a challenge to continue after leaving university and Wolverhampton. My previous brand; rookerface designs, had it’s own website which I designed and created myself with a portfolio of work, but since the flash software support stopped, that website unfortunately disappeared quite literally into thin air. I was understandably devastated that all the hard work I had put in was gone forever without a trace, but this sparked the need to start again with my current brand.

A collection of items I have produced over the years

Since May 2020 I have focused on my Instagram profile and sharing my work on an additional platform to that of Facebook which I have been drifting away from over the last couple of years. I have actually been surprised at how many different techniques I use in my creative practice, and desperately try to continue adding to. I am very much inspired to continue learning new skills and experimenting with materials and techniques, although in the past I would attend in-person courses to take full advantage of workshop facilities and equipment. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this has been almost impossible and so I took to the net where I have watched videos and tutorials to learn finger knitting, string art pattern techniques and urban sketching with watercolour application.

However, that is not all I have learned during this isolating period; I have also taken an active role as a volunteer member of the International Women’s Association of Modena (IWAM) in updating and creating content for their website. I have found it so enjoyable, that at times I have lost track of time and almost missed the beginning of online lessons I had to teach! I have been part of an incredible group of women in the IWAM Digital Team and I have learned how to use an add-on called Divi Builder within WordPress. I had previously blogged a lot on WordPress and you can see most of those posts within this website blog. This allowed me to have a grounding in the basics of WordPress as a platform but working with a fellow member and website editor, I learned so many aspects of website design. With this incredible connection, I seized the opportunity to have some tutoring in how to create my very own website using the platform I was enjoying spending so much time on.

And so, it has begun… currently with a homepage, about me, gallery and blog pages, I have developed a style I am happy with and that I feel is reflecting my creative personality. It is by no means complete, but I am thoroughly enjoying investing my time (while I have quite a lot of it free) in my personal branding and sharing my skills and passion with a wider community. I hope that alongside a new LinkedIn business page which I also created about a month or so ago, customers will be able to find me and commission me to create new and bespoke works of beauty for themselves or as gifts. If you are interested in commissioning work, please get in touch via Instagram private message (until my email accounts are set up).